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My Terrible Day – The Law of Attraction in Action


“You Create Your Own Reality”-Jane Roberts

For the most part, I have created a peaceful and content life for myself.  It wasn’t always this way for me, but over the past several years I’ve really practiced what I preach.  With such practice I have manifested a great life.  That being said, I do have moments, like we all do, when I’m just feeling angry or sad or frustrated and it seems impossible to shake it.

One day not too long ago, I woke up feeling crabby, really crabby.  Normally, I would be fully aware of how much I didn’t like that feeling and quickly figure out ways to improve my emotional set point.  I know that if I spend too much time in a state like that, I will only create more stuff in my reality to be crabby about.  But, that particular day, I decided that I would stay crabby and test the Law of Attraction.  I wanted to see what would manifest in my life that day.

So, feeling awful, I got dressed and decided to make a trip to the grocery store.  How bad could it be, really?  First, please know that I normally like the grocery store.  I enjoy shopping for yummy food and I usually have a nice experience.   The food I want is there, the people I encounter are friendly, and the flow is smooth and efficient.

Well, not that day…not at all.

So, I walked out my door and there was about a foot of snow that I had to scrape off my car. The snow on my windshield was as hard as ice and it took all of my strength to break through it.  About 15 minutes later, I finally finished scraping my car.  I was freezing and very grouchy.  Then, I got in my car and drove to the grocery store.

It was a Monday morning so the odds of finding a parking spot were very high, right?  Nope.  Because of all the snow, half the parking lot wasn’t cleared.  So, I had to circle around the lot for a bit in hopes of finding a spot.  Then, magically a spot appeared.  I drove straight for it and then, right before my eyes, a big Ford F150 took my space.  Well, needless to say, I was crabbier than ever!  Eventually, I found a parking space in the back of the parking lot.

When I finally got into the store, I had to get a shopping cart.  No big deal.  Well, if you can imagine, there were three rows of carts next to each other.  Lots of carts in supply!  However, I tried the first row and the carts were stuck together.  No way to break them apart.  I tried the second row and faced the same ordeal.  I must have been really red in the face from all my effort to pull those buggers apart, with no luck. So, the final row was my last chance at getting a cart.  There, in that final row, was an old woman blocking it.  She was rummaging through her purse looking for something.  What a place to stand to start searching through your purse!  I was already red in the face and downright mad at this point.  I took a slow, deep breath and tried to relax.  Somehow, I managed to compose myself enough to ‘nicely’ ask her to move.  Meanwhile, in my head, I was freaking out at her!  The good news is that I finally got a cart.

So, off I went through the store. But, guess what, the darn cart I had was broken.  The wheels were making a terrible noise.  And the faster I went, the louder the noise became. Well, I decided to keep the cart because the thought of going back for another one made me sick.  So, off I went, very slowly through the store.

At this point, I was fully aware of the Law of Attraction in action. I stopped for a moment in the fruit aisle and I took some slow, deep breaths.  In my awareness, I started to laugh a bit inside.  I was witnessing the obedience of the Law of Attraction.  Everything happening around me was a reflection of my inner thoughts and feelings.  It matched perfectly.  At that moment, I knew I would never question that Law ever again.  Like the law of gravity, if you jump off a building, you’re going to fall.  The Law of Attraction always brings you more thoughts, people, places, and events that match your internal state.

In that moment I fully accepted that the rest of my grocery trip would not be very good.  The momentum was too great.  The anger was still alive within me.  Perhaps the anger was a little less pronounced because of my awareness of the situation, but it was still there.

The cart ‘clickity clacked’ as I shopped through the aisles. I had about 10 things on my list, but only found half of them.  Everyone around me seemed so grumpy.  Not a single person smiled.  I made my way to the checkout.  I only had five items so I went to the ‘speedy’ line.  Without surprise, there were several people in the line.  Typically, on a Monday, there would only be one person ahead of me, at the most.

So, I stood waiting in line feeling some relief because my cart was finally quiet.  The line moved slowly.  The cashier had to do a price check for one of the customers.  So that involved the cashier leaving the cash to find the item in the store and coming back.  At that point, I didn’t care so much.  I knew I had no choice but to let it unfold as it should.  Finally, I was being checked in.  The cashier was having trouble scanning my eggs.  It just wouldn’t scan.  But, I really needed my eggs.  Would I make the cashier run through the store again to get the price of my eggs?  As I was about to tell her to forget about the eggs, the scanner magically worked and I got my eggs.  Surprisingly, my other four items scanned perfectly and I paid without a problem!

Phew, I was done.  I was so ready to go home.  I put my bags in the cart and as I started to leave an old man came out of nowhere and T-boned my cart with his cart.  Luckily, no one was hurt and my eggs were intact.  But the old man barely muffled an apology.

Without much hesitation, I made a beeline for the car.  As I sat in the driver seat, I just pondered my experience.  In the past, I would have blamed what happened to me on my circumstances and other people.  I would have believed that this grocery store experience was completely out of my control and that something outside of me was making me feel angry and upset.  I would have believed that the world was out to get me that day.  Now, however, I fully realize that I created the experience because of how I was feeling inside.

When I arrived back home, I put away the groceries, and plopped on the sofa.  I looked out the window and upward at the sky.  I said out loud “I really get it now.  I finally understand how this all works. Before I just believed it, but now I know it.  My reality is created from the inside out, not the outside in. I am the creator of my world”.  In that moment, I knew it was time to change my mood and my mind.  So, I relaxed and meditated for an hour.  I felt my emotional set point rise back up to my happier self and by the evening I was back to creating a much better life experience.

Photo Credit: Krystian Olszanski via Flickr.com


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