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Children are Wonderful Teachers

image by Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

Why are adults so often drawn to children?  Is it their cuteness?  Is it their innocence?  Is it their playful approach to life?  Sure, it’s all of these things, but there’s more to it than that.

Babies are born holding a strong connection to God or Source or Spirit.  That is, when they emerge into their human body, they bring with them the unconditional loving energy from the Other Side.  With that connection or loving energy resonating through them, they take on the world with love, trust, curiosity and so much more.   In other words, their perspective is often pure and positive.  Unlike many adults whose perspective has become jaded or negative to varying degrees.

So, how are children wonderful teachers?  Well, all you have to do is step back and watch them closely to find out why.  Some of what you may notice is as follows:


Children are so innately curious about the world.  They are intrigued by the simplest of things.  For instance, fill up the sink or bath tub with water and give them a few toys that float, sink, squirt, and pour.  Step back and watch them.  They reveal such a pure, focused, and fun curiosity.  As you observe them closely, it will evoke within you a recollection of how nice the world can be if you simply view it from a place of curiosity.


All parents/caregivers witness the joyful nature of children.  They look for the fun in whatever they are doing.  And if they are not allowed to have fun (i.e. when parents are telling them what to do), then they let the world know it….with a crazy, uncontrollable tantrum!  They eventually calm down when their joy returns.  It begs to question, at what point do” bigger” people decide that feeling joy is not a top priority in their lives?  We all know the tremendous benefits of feeling happy.  So, the bottom line is that children remind us to start having fun again.  Start today, allow yourself at least 30 minutes to do something fun!

Being Present

Children are so good at living in the moment.  They don’t care much about what happened yesterday or what will come tomorrow.  Rather their primary focus is in the present moment.  As adults, wouldn’t it be such a relief to live primarily in the present moment: to live right NOW instead of being consumed by past events or worrying about things to come.  Just give it a try!  Meditation is one of my favorite ways to be present!  Please refer to my Mediation article for more information on this topic.


Let’s face it; young children really don’t care about what other people think of them.  They’ll pick their nose and strip off all their clothes in the middle of a shopping mall.  Children innately know that what matters most is how they feel about themselves and not how others feel about them.  So what are children teaching us?  Well, I’m not suggesting that you strip off your clothes in public. Rather, to realize that the opinion of others should matter less and your own opinion should matter more.  In other words, it’s important to realize that it’s impossible to please everyone around you because they all have their own unique opinions/perspectives.  In essence, it’s imperative that you build confidence in your own opinion and to not fear the judgment of others!

The above examples are just a few ways in which children teach us.  In my own life, I feel that my children have taught me how to live again.  I feel tremendously blessed to have them in my life.  In essence, children remind you of who you really are and why you’re here.  They are true beacons of light. Like moths to the light, you are attracted to the joy, love, and pure alignment that emanate from children.  So, at your next opportunity, sit back and watch the little ones reveal to you what life is truly all about.

A rose can say “I love you”,

Orchids can enthrall,

But a weed bouquet in a chubby little fist,

Yes, that says it all.

~Author Unknown

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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