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Be Cautious with Affirmation Cards

image by Eugene Zemlyanskly from Flickr

In general, affirmation cards are statements made with the intention to uplift you and help you achieve success in any area of your life.  The statements are positive in nature and should be repeated to one’s self frequently in order to be effective.

Perhaps you already know about affirmation cards and have tried them yourself.  To be completely honest, I was a little obsessed with them several years ago.  I fed into the belief that affirmations would magically make me happy, financially free, and help me have the body of a Goddess!  Wishful thinking, right?

Well, my results were mediocre at best.  I was frustrated and disappointed because I sincerely thought I’d get good results.  After all, I followed the rules and this affirmation ‘stuff’ was promoted as an effective tool by a number of highly respected spiritual/self-help teachers.

So, it got me thinking….what am I doing wrong?  Where is my happiness?  Where is my money and my super-hot body?

The Secret behind Affirmations

Based solely on my own experience, through working with affirmations over the years, I discovered that affirmations can help you, but not always.  Actually, you should be careful when and how you use them.  If used properly, affirmation cards can help you tremendously.  However, if used improperly, you could be left feeling worse off than when you started.

As a side note; I was delighted to learn that the wonderful teachers, Esther and Jerry Hicks (The teachings of Abraham) share a similar opinion to my own with regards to affirmations.

When and How to Use Affirmation Cards


Only use affirmation cards when you are in a good mood.  In other words, if you’re feeling positive emotions such as contentment, joy, eagerness, etc.   With a good mood, you can safely dive into affirmations because they can help you create great things in your life.

On the other hand, if you’re in a bad mood and feeling negative emotions such as frustration, anger, depression, etc., then you should avoid affirmation cards.  With a bad mood, affirmations will not serve you at all.  In fact, they can make you feel worse.


Step 1:  Get your Affirmation cards

Sift through your affirmations and pick out the ones that resonate with you the most.  In other words, pick the ones that inspire you, move you, lift you higher, and almost bring you to tears (happy tears, of course).

You can repeat these statements over and over again, several times a day. You can stick them in different places to remind you to repeat them.  Some great places are the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the car, and your desk.  Within a short time, you begin to shift your thinking and start attracting more abundance into your life.

But, once these statements become “auto-pilot” statements, they are no longer very effective.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  If you keep repeating the same line again and again, it becomes boring, redundant, habitual…and ultimately ineffective.

Step 2: Creative Ways to Prevent Auto-Piloting

An even more effective and creative way to utilize the affirmation cards is to pick your best cards and use them as a starting-off point and then build on them.

In other words, rather than repeating the same affirmation over and over, simply change it up a bit.  Be creative. There are endless ways to come up with similar positive statements that you can affirm throughout the day.  Keep in mind that the statements should make you feel better and inspire you. Also, by using various statements you avoid falling into “auto-pilot” or ineffective affirming.

Examples of Effective Affirmation and Ineffective Affirmation

Effective Affirmation Technique (Not a true story)

Mrs. Joy is a 35 year old Pharmacist and a mother of two little boys, 2 and 4 years old.  For the most part she is satisfied with her life.  Her mood is generally optimistic.  Lately, she has been daydreaming about having more financial freedom because she’d love to temporarily quit her job and stay home to raise her boys.

She purchased a deck of abundance affirmation cards, with the hope that the cards would help her in some way.  She read through the cards.  Some of them felt ridiculous to her, others felt good, and a few felt great.  So she kept the great ones and put the rest away.

She decided to repeat a couple of them several times a day.  She placed them on her fridge door, in her car, and on her desk as reminders.  One of the affirmations said something like “My thoughts create my reality.  By thinking appreciative thoughts about my current financial situation, while feeling eager about more coming, I will create more financial abundance.”  It’s important to note that this affirmation felt good to Mrs. Joy.  She believed it and it inspired her.

Throughout the day she repeated the affirmations.  In addition, she created her own affirming statements such as “I appreciate that I have the money to own a house, a car, and have nutritious food to feed my children.”  “I love to sit and daydream about how good it feels to be home with my boys and have the money to do so.”

She continued with similar affirmative thoughts and statements every day and within a few months she was given an opportunity to work part-time (instead of full-time) and her husband got a promotion at work, which resulted in a significant pay raise.  Now, Mrs. Joy is home with her boys five days a week and at work for only 2 days.  By using the affirmation cards properly, she created a more satisfying life experience.

Ineffective Affirmation Technique (Not a true story)

Mr. Grumpy is 40 years old.  He is so grumpy because he hates his job and he’s not making enough money.  He wants, more than anything, to have more financial freedom and a better job.  A caring friend gave Mr. Grumpy a deck of affirmation cards and told him to read them because they may help him feel better and attract more abundance in his life.

Feeling angry, but desperate for a better life, he decided to read the cards.  One after the other, he tossed them in the garbage bin next to his desk.  He came across the same affirmation card as Mrs. Joy.  It stated “Your thoughts create your reality. By thinking appreciative thoughts about my current financial situation, while feeling eager about more coming, I will create more financial abundance.”

Well, that affirmation sent him over the edge.  He said “I don’t create my reality.  I would never create such a crappy life for myself.  And I’m supposed to appreciate where I am. That’s just insane.  I have nothing to appreciate.  These affirmation cards are BS”.  With that, he tore up the card and tossed it in the trash with the rest of the cards.  He was left feeling more furious and disappointed than ever!

Final Thoughts

Affirmations can be a great tool to uplift you or improve any area of your life.  However, you have to play it safe and know when and how to use them!

Photo credit: Image by Eugene Zemlyanskly via Flickr

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