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3 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

image by Inessa Akhmedova via Flickr

“Today, do one little thing to take better care of yourself….then repeat tomorrow”-Author Unknown

In this fast-paced western society we are so busy trying to keep up that we end up neglecting the most important thing – ourselves; our own precious wellbeing (mind, body, and spirit).

Our health often falls to the bottom of our priority list.

We take our good health for granted, until something goes wrong.

It’s important to know that the mind and body can only take so much stress and pressure before it starts to break down.

Unfortunately, for most people in this culture, it often takes a physical or mental breakdown before we fully realize the importance of our health and wellbeing.

It is during this breakdown that you come to know that your wellbeing is the most important thing for you to take care of.  It must be the first thing on your priority list.

Without your wellbeing in check, life can be terrible.

With that said, please make it a top priority to take better care of yourself.

And I know, firsthand, that putting yourself first can seem impossible because you already feel maxed out trying to juggle your job, the kids, the house, the bills, the car, the huge to-do list,etc.

But, no matter what your current circumstances may be, you can make it happen.  And it’s much easier that you think.

I’m writing this post, not to add more to your to-do list, but to offer you easy ways to help you regain your balance, to simplify your life and to nourish your mind, body, and soul amidst the chaos.

3 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

  1. Nourish your Body

You have just one body for your entire lifetime.  It’s a miraculous machine that manages an infinite number of functions, most of which you are unaware.  It breathes, pumps blood, digests food, creates new cells, and eliminates invaders and toxins.

Such a beautiful self-regulating system, wouldn’t you say?

We often take this precious body for granted.  We forget that it allows us to hug our children, enjoy delicious meals with our family and friends, listen to or favorite music, and watch the sunset.

Your body is beautiful and it deserves love and respect.

Eat Healthy

Nourish your body with healthy, wholesome foods.  Get rid of the unhealthy, processed junk.  When you make a concerted effort to replace your meals with healthy food, you will quickly see positive results.  Your body will thank you.  You will feel happier and healthier.

Your mind will be clear and alert, and your body will be fully charged and ready to take on the day. 

Get Moving

Take time to move your body.  I refrained from using the word exercise because in this culture our automatic response to exercise is that it’s hard, painful and requires us to sweat in order to be effective.  That’s such a negative approach.

It’s natural and healthy for us to want to move our bodies. It doesn’t have to be painful and something you hate to do.  Just move it in ways that feel good to you.  Maybe you love to walk or hike in nature.  Perhaps you love to swim.  Or maybe you love tennis.

The point being is that moving your body is supposed to be pleasurable and it helps to invigorate and center you.

When you get your body moving regularly, you will feel so good and you’ll be better equipped to handle your busy day.

  1. Calm your Mind

Your beautiful mind allows you to function in this world.  And just like your body, your mind needs to be taken care of.  You need to give it a break from the mental chatter that bombards it all day long.

With a peaceful mind you are better able to deal with the demands of life. Below you will find two effective ways to calm your mind.


Meditation is one of the best tools available to help calm your mind.  It is a simple practice that anyone can do.  It can put you in a profound state of relaxation which, in turn, dissolves stress and fatigue.   If you would like to learn more about meditation please refer to my article Meditation 101, where you will find a more detailed description about meditation and a free guided meditation.


Restful sleep is essential for a calm mind and body.  Unfortunately, there is a tendency in this culture to underrate the importance of a good night’s sleep.  Without enough sleep your mind is foggy, agitated, and weak.  On the other hand, with restful sleep your mind is clear, calm, and more resilient.  Try your best to get eight hours of sleep a night.

And don’t forget about naps.  Little catnaps can certainly help boost your energy!

  1. Simplify your Life


Just writing this word evokes a sense of relief, wouldn’t you say?

This relief is felt because our inherently natural state enjoys simplicity, peace, and happiness.

However, in this competitive, materialistic, and chaotic society we have lost sight of our true self.  We are made to believe that the more you do and have, the more you’re worth.

The way of life is go-go-go.

You end up complicating your life and it can weigh you down.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help you simplify your life.

Schedule a time-out.

At least once a week have scheduled time off, ideally for an entire day.  Disconnect from all media sources including your computer, television, and phone.  Let go of your to-do-list.

Your only intention should be to relax and unwind.  Just be free for a change.  Do things you enjoy such as spending quality time with your family, fishing, playing golf, or napping.

You will be surprised at how beneficial this practice is.  It is not a waste of time.  In fact, when you give yourself a break, it recharges your batteries.  In turn, the rest of your week is much more productive.


Is your house a mess?  Is your desk piled high with stacks of work? Do you have stuff in your home that you haven’t used in years?

A cluttered space is confusing and stressful.

Why not try to get rid of all the stuff that you do not use.  A good rule of thumb is- if you haven’t used it in a year, then get rid of it.  You can give it to charity, sell it, or dumb it.

And you don’t need to declutter your entire house in one day.  You can set aside 5 or 10 minutes a day to declutter.  You can start with a single drawer.

The is no doubt about it, there is peace of mind when you are living in a simple, clean, and organized space.

Final Thoughts

Life can be so hectic and stressful.  It’s more important than ever that you put yourself at the very top of your priority list!  If you follow the recommendations in this article your life will dramatically improve.  You will still have to face life’s challenges, but you will be much better equipped to deal with them.  Overall, you will feel more balanced, stable, and happy.

Photo credit: Image by Inessa Akhmedova via Flickr

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